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Practitioners can also be contacted at the New Street main contact number: 01403 271129. You can also find out more details, and direct lines below.


Pia Grönroos Lic.Ac. MBAcC

Pia completed a 4 year full-time training at the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead. This college teaches 5 Elements, TCM and the philosophy of Stems & Branches, offering a unique approach to understanding an individual at a core level. Pia complemented her training with a 2 year post-graduate course in integrated Western and Chinese pathology and has done several courses over the years in natural and assisted fertility.

Pia is passionate about learning and is continuously developing her skills further. She is a qualified yoga teacher, crystal healer and Toltec shamanic healing practitioner. This may seem like a lot of different approaches, but they are complementing each other and allowing for more subtle causes to be diagnosed. Different healing practices can be combined with acupuncture to create a more powerful treatment or used separately on their own if needed to provide the quickest most direct results. Yoga poses or stretches can be suggested to release physical pain, breathing techniques can be helpful for stress and anxiety. Sometimes she guides a meditation for her client during the acupuncture treatment to work on specific issues. Toltec practices can be useful to clear emotional or ancestral patterns, but also for stubborn physical issues. Adding or using any other form of technique is always discussed with client in beforehand and mutually agreed upon.

Pia is a member of the Association of Acupuncture Clinicians (AAC) and has been practicing from New Street Clinic since 2005.

Bowen Therapy

Emma Stafford

Emma is a qualified nurse, having previously specialised in Neurology.

Qualifying as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 1999 she has worked in Horsham and Hong Kong.

Whilst in Hong Kong she had the opportunity to work at the 2006 International Rugby Sevens.

During her two year stay in Hong Kong Emma further developed her skills by studying Bowen Therapy with two inspirational Australian teachers.

Since then, Emma has completed further post graduate training in Bowen Therapy, and has embarked on other learning experiences, training in the equally fascinating Emmett Technique, Fascial Unwinding and Scar Tissue Release.


Alexander Milne D.O

Alexander qualified in 1989 and initially practiced in Brighton and London before setting up Horsham Osteopaths with Henry Lee in 1992. They originally worked in Piries Place, Horsham, before establishing The New Street Clinic in 1999

Alexander also worked for a number of years for the Maidstone College of Osteopathy as a clinic tutor, teaching students osteopathic techniques and supervising the student clinic. He spent 10 years as the Treasurer of The Institute of Classical Osteopathy

He is married with three children and plays the ukulele in his spare time.

Henry Lee D.O.

After qualifying in 1990, Henry set up Horsham Osteopaths with Alexander in Piries Place, Horsham, before establishing The New Street Clinic in 1999

Henry studied Cranial Technique and has worked as an Osteopathic lecturer since qualifying

He also was the chairman of The Institute of Classical Osteopathy for 10 yearsas and continues as a lecturer on their postgraduate course

Henry lives in the Surrey Hills and is married with three children and continues to play cricket very badly!

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Helen Brown

Helen has a BSc (hons) in Psychology, an Integrative Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, (CSAcc) and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, (HS Acc) plus certificates in cognitive Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Approaches to Psychotherapy and Counselling (BABCP Acc).

Professional Memberships held: British Psychological Society, (BPS), National Counselling Society, (MNCS) and British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, (BABCP).

As members, practitioners are bound by the Societies’ Professional Codes of Ethics.

Helen has had many years experience working with children and families, including voluntary work supporting families under stress.

She has also been employed in the mental health field, working with adults and young people suffering from emotional and psychological disorders.

Eleanor Wildy FdA MBACP

Eleanor has had many years working within mental health services and qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist in 2011. Her experience includes 10yrs working with people diagnosed with a mental health illness as well as helping to support their families and friends. She has also been a volunteer Senior Counsellor and Assessor for Carers Support based in Crawley for 5yrs.

Eleanor provides counselling and psychotherapy for individuals over 18yrs old with a wide range issues such as childhood and adult trauma, being a carer, depression, anxiety, stress,relationship problems, self harm, suicidal thoughts, bereavement and loss.

Neuro-Developmental Therapist

Emma Ashfield

Emma qualified as a Neuro-Developmental Therapist in Rhythmic Movement Training and in 2017 and the Safe and Sound Protocol in 2018.

She works primarily with children with neuro-developmental challenges. Emma uses primitive reflex integration as well as individualised music, rhythm, and movement programmes.

Her approach involves teaching a series of foetal and infant movement patterns, which have the effect of reducing anxiety, sensory, learning and behavioural challenges through neuroplasticity. These movements are valuable life skills that anyone, regardless of age, can employ to effect profound change.

Emma is also listed on West Sussex County Council and Surrey County Council Local Offer, and the SSP can be funded via the Adoption Support Fund.